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Donate to friendlypk

Post  Mimmi on Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:58 am

Please donate to friendlypk!!!


5 codes = donator status
9 codes = premium status


8 us dollars = premium status
13 us dollars = Legendary status


donator status:

can go to donator zone
can ::yell
can get slayer task every where
many cool shops in donator zone
get donator crown ingame and forum

premium status:

can go to premium zone
can ::xteleto
many cool shops in premium zone
get 3 crystal key or 30m from voting rewards
get premium crown ingame and forum
can ::njail to unjail your self
can ::mjail to jail your seld
get 1 free email:
acces to
can do every thing that an donator can

Legendary status:

can spawn items
can spawn nps
can ::pnpc
Legendary users can not trade/drop items
can ::master
acces to premium and donator zone
can do every premium and donator commands
can do ::bank every where
get legendary crown ingame and forum
get 2 free email:
acces to
can start own forum in

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